Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The "Little" Kitchen. The "Bitchin" Kitchen.

A little bit about me and a little bit about my kitchen....

There is something I love about every single kitchen I step into. It's nostalgic, as most my best memories were made in the kitchen. From the time I was a child, I recall visits with my grandmother and we were always in the kitchen. I would watch every single move she made as she talked and laughed with my mom. I never missed even the slightest stride, whether it was adding just a "bit" more flour,(a "bit" was anything but that)or her sneaking a nip of the Carlo Rossi she stored under the sink. Growing up at my mother's it was always the same, although her "bit" was 1/2 cup and it was measured, never guessed. She also never hid the wine. 

As a teen, my mother met me in the kitchen EVERY night for curfew. We would often bond over a frozen pizza on the kitchen floor and I would tell her what was going on in life. As an adult, we still meet in the kitchen and talk about life, however, it now usually consists of wine AND a frozen pizza.

It's not just me, either. Ask anyone in my family where we all gather and without hesitation every single one of them would yell, "The Kitchen!" A holiday at home isn't a holiday unless every single person in the house is wedged into her tiny little kitchen to hover over whatever mom is cooking. This, to me, will always be home.

At my house, it's the same. It's the one spot in the house where you can always find me. My boyfriend Todd and I are always trying new recipes, laughing, talking, and entertaining in our kitchen. I was blessed to fall in love with someone who enjoys the kitchen as much as I do.  It was in that kitchen that I came up with this business idea. I love serving, bartending, hosting, entertaining, and planning and although I may be a bit bias, I am really good at it. 

My kitchen is little... but it's bitchin... and so my business began!

Stay tuned...

- The Little Bitchin Kitchen

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