Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Some of My Favorite Things

I have been insanely busy lately, (who hasn't been, right?) I truthfully haven't even had time to bake or cook! This is rare for me as I ALWAYS find time to cook, but lately my kitchen is lacking a workout, (and so am I.)  Fortunately, I have a freezer stocked with soups, pastas, and other things that have been holding us over until I can get back into my original routine.

Today though, I thought it would be fun to take a moment and share some of the things in my kitchen that I couldn't live without.

Note: I am in no way paid for endorsing any of the products below... I just have them and really like them.

#1 - My Dutch Oven

I really want to get rid of every single other pot in my house. Whether big or small, this thing does the trick! So why have 15 different pots? (The only reason I can think of is because you spent a lot of money on them!?) Once you get one  of these babies you will find yourself utilizing it in all sorts of ways! You can spend anywhere from $30.00 to $199.00 but in all honest they work the same. Save yourself the cash and go middle of the road like we did, and try out Martha Stewart's line from Macy's. 

#2 - A Pizza/Grilling Stone

I love pizza! Nothing tastes better than making it from scratch! This versatile stone can be used for making pizza but also can be used to cook vegetables, seafood, poultry and pretty much anything you can think of! The best part... do them on the grill or inside! I got mine at Sur La Table for a little more than $50.00, but I am sure you could find one cheaper!

#3 - Joseph Joseph Rocker Garlic Crusher

There is nothing better than fresh garlic. And even I, (the usually patient cook,) sometimes get irritated with peeling, chopping, and then chopping again and again. Forget it! This little gem makes it a cinch! Again, a Sur La Table trip well worth it. I LOVE that store!

#4 - The TRU Triple Slowcooker

There is absolutely nothing better for warming and serving at your next party. Recently, I hosted a party where I did a taco bar and used this for a trio of chicken, beef, or shrimp taco options and it was perfect! I am already gearing this puppy up for football season!! This I got at Kohls with one of my fabulous 30% off coupons.
#5 - A Salt (and Pepper) Pig

I gave up on salt/pepper shakers and grinders awhile back. Nothing got more annoying. While cooking a meal, I don't want to turn a grinder 47 times to get a tiny amount.... I want to lavishly put it everywhere! I threw them out and got a salt (and pepper) pig instead. Now, I just grab it and throw it all over. LOVE. This item is again from Sur La Table... but I am sure any cooking store has them!

There ya have it! Those are just a few of my favorite items in the kitchen. What is your favorite item? The one thing you can't live without?

Have a great day in the kitchen!

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