Thursday, March 7, 2013

Meet Keith! (An insight to why you haven't seen any food posts lately!)

Wow. It's been an incredibly busy past few weeks. I have hit a new level of busy and for the first time in years feel completely overwhelmed with where to direct my time. My day job keeps me at my desk from the minute I walk in the door to the moment I leave. Even better, The Little Bitchin Kitchen has gained quite a little clientele and I am honored to be planning/catering two wonderful couple's weddings.

In true Kristen form, taking on a heavier work load and expanding my own business wasn't enough on the plate! Todd and I decided to expand our growing "family."  On February 20, 2013 we brought home a twelve week old flat-coated retriever puppy and named him Keith. (Our oldest flat coat is Jagger. Do you see a theme here?) He is a rambunctious little fella and keeps Todd and I running at full speed, (literally!) His little personality fits our household well and we love him a ton!

Though I am too busy to remember my own name these days... I am happier than ever and just had to share. Here's a photo I grabbed of him while he actually sat still for a moment.

Isn't he just a doll? I love him very much. Big brother Jagger is doing fine. Although he doesn't love losing ALL the attention, he is teaching Keith a ton. You know, things like how to kennel, sit, pee outside, and most importantly... be a good dog.

Big Brother Jagger

A little brotherly love.
Yes, I have officially turned in to one of those dog people. I treat them as my children and take a ton of photos of them... don't judge me!

So there you have it. THIS is the reason I have been away so long. I apologize, but I do also have a lot of fun things coming up next week. First up: Irish Soda Bread. Who knew bread COULD be easy!? Then, how to make homemade pasta, followed by a wonderful shrimp pasta recipe to put all your pasta to use!

I hope you're looking forward to it, I know I am! See you all next week!